How to get what you want in 2019

Completed Workshop: Saturday 26 January 2019, 1-5pm

It’s January 2019 and it’s time to finally get what you set out to achieve all those years ago. No more new year’s resolutions (that are often short-term and easy to give up on), no more telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, or next week or next month. Your time is now.


Start your year right by joining Jo Garside and Caroline Diamond for a fun and interactive workshop that will:


– Help you define what you truly want and what success looks like for you

– Give you tools to overcome any obstacles and self-limiting beliefs

– Enable you to turn what seems like the impossible into a reality


Both Jo and Caroline have had their own successes and setbacks in life. They are passionate about helping people take control and create a life they love, not one they put up with. So who’s with us?


Where: YogaWorks, Clapham Junction, SW18 2HT

When: Saturday 26 January 2019, 1-5pm (4 hours)

Cost: £75 per person or £140 for two people


Email Jo to book your place!