How many of us wait until we’re ready to do something before we actually do it? How many times have we told ourselves “I need more training, experience, practice (insert word) before I can even think about doing X?


All of us… And let’s be honest, it’s no wonder we feel this way. Throughout our whole life we’ve been conditioned to wait until we’re ready. From when we took exams at school to triple checking our emails to make sure they sound just right. This is otherwise known as our Perfectionist inner critic. Our inner critic tells us to “play safe – don’t do it just yet – wait until it’s perfect. That way you’ll be prepared and then there’s no way you can fail.” Sound familiar?


The problem with this mindset is we often set unrealistic expectations on ourselves (who can possibly be at their best every single day?!) and we then feel disappointed in ourselves when we don’t reach that perfect outcome.


So, what would happen if you did something that wasn’t quite perfect? (And yes, your inner critic will be shouting loudly right now!) That thing that you’ve been putting off, waiting for the right time. What would happen if you did it tomorrow, this week or even this month? I promise you it won’t be that bad. It might feel scary and super uncomfortable but it’s very unlikely you’ll die or be harmed in the process.


I remember when I ran my first workshop. My inner critic was screaming at me to go on a facilitation course and read up on how to deliver a compelling workshop, just so it would be perfect. I could have done all of that, but it wouldn’t have got me any closer to actually running a workshop. Yes, I was nervous and yes it could have been more polished, but I learned SO MUCH more from doing it rather than reading a book or going on a course. It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough.


So what will you do this week that’s good enough?