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Years from entering the world of work and you’ve ended up in a job that doesn’t make you jump out of bed. You’ve put in so much hard work – sleepless nights, working late into the evenings – going that bit further to prove yourself. You tell yourself to get on with it because you’re on a good package and have worked hard to get there. To the outside world, you’re positive and successful, but deep down you’re unhappy and you know something needs to change. Time is passing by and the harder it is to imagine doing something different, something you love.


Or you enjoy your job, but don’t feel as if you’re making the right impact. You worry that people are judging you, and your imposter syndrome is increasing each day. You feel that you need to be a different person in the office so that people will take you seriously.


What happened to being the authentic and confident leader you dreamed of?

Slow Down. Take a few minutes to think about what is really important to YOU. Not what you think it needs to be or what your friends and family tell you it should be. What would your career and life look like if you could be yourself without conforming to what society wants you to be?


When we have a tunnel vision focus, it can be hard to let the light in. I coach female leaders to reconnect with what truly matters to them – what ‘sparks’ them – so they can glow with authenticity and confidence.

Time to glow philosophy

Many of us haven’t stopped to think about what we really want. We often just accept that “this is the way my life is”.


Or if we have thought about it, our self-limiting beliefs and fears tell us that it’s not possible.

Time to Glow Time to Glow was created by me, Jo Garside, and I have extensive experience of coaching private and executive clients. I am a Certified Coach (CPCC) with The Coaches Training Institute, an internationally recognised coaching and leadership organisation, and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.

What exactly is Coaching?

Coaching focuses on moving forward to achieve your goals. My job is to help you navigate past your uncertainties, so you can see the possibilities in front of you. I hold you accountable for what you want and what you are committing to, so you can go out into the world and shine.


People come to coaching for a positive change. This might be taking the leap into a new career, becoming more confident in the workplace, or wanting more balance in your life. I offer a number of different coaching programmes.



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My Story

In summer 2016, I had just got engaged and started a new job all within two weeks of each other. To the outside world I was happy and successful, but deep down I was completely overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, getting engaged was one of the most magical moments that I’ll never forget, but organising a wedding and starting a new job (plus buying a house!) meant that I was constantly on the go. Two months into my job, I knew that I’d made a mistake in taking the role, but I couldn’t admit it to anyone. “I need to live up to society’s expectations”, “People will judge me”, “I can’t fail.”. This led to a huge feeling of guilt, when on paper I seemingly had it all.


I’d wake up with a sick feeling every morning but just told myself that I’d worked hard to get here – I’d got my HR qualification and was on a good package with lots of opportunities. It was a fast- moving environment and often reactive, which only amplified my people pleaser tendencies. I would worry about work and what people thought of me constantly, to the point where I was never really present with my husband in the evenings and weekends.

The turning point was when we started to receive all of the RSVPs to our wedding. We had lots of friends and family travelling from Australia and across the world, many of whom had young children and we’d just assumed wouldn’t be able to come. I know it sounds cliché, but it still brings up lots of emotions for me – I was totally bowled over, grateful and humbled that people would travel that far, all because of us. I realised then that I was unhappy in who I’d become and I didn’t feel worthy or good enough to have these amazing people making such an effort. I was generally a positive person, but my job was making me miserable and I wasn’t proud of myself. I didn’t want to have to put on a show anymore. I knew categorically that I wasn’t going to allow myself to feel like this on my wedding day and that something had to change.


I knew that coaching had the power to transform people, like it did for me, and for people to own their self-worth and not shy away. So, I finally quit my job, took the summer off to get married and became a certified coach.


I am now leading a more balanced and purposeful life as a full-time coach, where I have come from a place of constantly questioning myself to living more brightly, boldly and confidently.


I wholeheartedly believe in coaching and what it can do for someone. If any of the above sounds like you then I’d love to chat.

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