Coaching for Organisations

In our lifetime we will spend 50 years at work, which is more time than we spend with our loved ones and families. By 2020, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials and we know that if they are unhappy they won’t stick around..


Work is no longer a transactional process to make money where we “just get on with it”. It’s a place of value, development, diversity and flexibility where we are wanting more meaning and purpose.


Sadly only 1 in 10 people feel engaged at work. Not only is it getting more and more difficult for organisations to attract and retain the best talent, but on an individual level it’s having a huge impact on our mental health.

We need to put people before processes. It’s all too easy to want to increase growth, improve productivity and raise profit – and so many organisations are investing in technology and systems to help them do this. But they’re forgetting one key thing: their people.


People are the most important asset to an organisation and yet so many companies get this wrong. As humans, we are wired to connect and feel a sense of safety and belonging. In practical terms, this means feeling like we’ve been heard, being honest in how we feel and knowing that we’re not going to get kicked out of the company if we fail.


Oh and guess what? More empathetic companies actually make more money. Yes that’s right, whichever way you cut it – productivity, growth or profit – companies that have a culture of empathy are more successful than those that don’t.

Bringing Humanity Back Into The Workplace

Having a culture of empathy and trust doesn’t happen straightaway. It’s not something you do overnight. But it is possible.


For organisations, this means working with leaders and teams to help them understand and actually live their values. It’s not just a list of words you have on a wall. It’s about communicating honestly and openly. Being able to bring our personalities to work (without feeling like we have to put on a “professional” mask) helps people feel safe, without fear of failure. It’s about leaders being vulnerable and asking for help when they need it. It’s about actively listening in meetings instead of being on laptops (this gives the impression that we’re not important). In turn, individuals and teams feel more engaged and perform better.


Culture starts from the top and cascades through the whole of the organisation, so we need our leaders to be human. We don’t need to put on a professional hat in order to be taken seriously. We need to be honest in how we’re feeling, ask for help, openly learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes.


I lead bespoke culture training and development programmes, based on your organisation’s needs.

group workshops

Group Workshops

Culture and leadership can often feel heavy, but my group workshops are designed to be fun and
collaborative. People learn more in an experiential setting and interaction builds trust. I run half-day,
full day or two day workshops based on your organisation’s needs.


Themes include, but are not limited to:


Understanding your company’s values and purpose


Has your organisation grown quickly that you’ve lost sight of your values? Do your employees know your organisation’s values but don’t feel like they’re being honoured throughout the company? This workshop takes you back to the basics of WHY your organisation exists – why you do what you do. From there we explore your organisation’s values and purpose, and help you to embed them into your culture so that your employees are actually living and breathing them, instead of words on the office wall.


Embracing Conflict


Conflict doesn’t have to be something we put off or that we’re fearful of. It’s about having open and honest conversations in how we’re feeling so we can better understand each other and improve communication. This workshops gives you the tools to be able to confidently have those conversations that you’ve been putting off.


Becoming a Conscious Leader


Being a leader isn’t something you do, it’s who you are. We are all leaders and we can impact our organisation, no matter what level we are. This workshop will help you to become a conscious leader where you can embrace your true personality and lead with authenticity, whilst being a role model for those around you.


Taming your inner critic


We all have inner critics or self-limiting beliefs which can hold us back in work and life. Do yours tell you to play safe? Are you scared of failing or being judged? Do you follow the rules and conform in order to be liked? This workshop explores our inner critics and the role they play at work. You’ll learn new tools in how to manage them and feel more confident in playing bigger.


Being a great manager (for new managers)


We often get promoted into a manager position because we have performed well at an individual contributor level. But being great at your previous role doesn’t translate into being a great manager – it’s a very different skill set! This workshop outlines the skills of what makes a great manager and you’ll have new tools to start putting what you’ve learned into action right away.


Being your best self at work


How often do we feel that we have to put on a mask when entering the office in order to be taken seriously? Do you often find yourself under pressure, working to tight deadlines and often saying yes to more work? It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and frazzled so that we’re not performing at our best. This workshop helps you to unleash your best self and be clear on your own values and boundaries, so you can shine in the workplace and beyond.


Individual Coaching



I offer one-to-one coaching for female leaders of all levels of the organisation. We have so many wonderfully talented and bright women in our organisations but through coaching, I have discovered that many women second-guess themselves, don’t feel that they’re good enough and don’t ask for help for fear of appearing weak. Not only are they constantly exhausted, but they are not being good role models for others in the organisation. Asking for help embraces vulnerability; saying no demonstrates strength and having boundaries in place illustrates self-care. We need women to be honest and authentic in the workplace; in turn they become more confident leaders and role models to those around them. They are able to make the impact that they dream of and that they deserve.


I offer bespoke coaching programmes for talented and aspiring women in organisations. Areas of coaching that I offer but are not limited to are:


  • Transitioning into a new role
  • Having a highly engaged and performing team
  • Developing better relationships with your manager and team
  • Being a person of influence and role model
  • Managing ever-changing priorities whilst being at your best
  • Building trust and empathy in your team
  • Communicating honestly and authentically
  • Being yourself at work without putting on a professional mask


Get in touch to help your female leaders of the future make the right impact in your organisation.




93% of communication is non-verbal. And so many of us KNOW our stuff, are incredibly talented and appear confident, yet when it comes to giving a presentation at work we panic. What will people think of me? I need to get everything right! I can’t mess this up, otherwise my career is over. Actually, none of that is true. What matters is about engaging your audience and telling a story. I work with individuals to become confident and kick-ass speakers and who will actually ENJOY giving a presentation. They will have an engaged and captivated audience who will come away remembering that talk and knowing it was worth their time.


Areas of focus include but are not limited to:


  • Speaking in a way that sounds like you
  • Having confidence, not arrogance when delivering a presentation
  • Being able to tell a story
  • Using body language that helps build trust
  • Delivering a key message with the right tone of voice
  • Engaging with your audience to evoke emotion


If you have a talented individual in your organisation who you feel could make more of an impact when delivering presentations please get in touch below.