Having spent many years feeling stuck in terms of my career and the direction that my life was moving in, I came to coaching desperately wanting to make a change but not knowing what this would look like or where to start, and feeling overwhelmed by it all. Jo’s approach has been gentle and supportive – she’s worked with me to strip things right back, helping me to reconnect with my values and think about what impact I would like to make in the future.  Coaching is offering me a space to really explore who I am and what makes me tick; I’m beginning to recognise my strengths and achievements and grow in confidence.  Jo brings a wonderfully positive and bright energy to her coaching – I finish each session feeling uplifted, encouraged and ready to take the steps that we have talked about to move forward!



I have been having coaching with Jo for a few months now. I find the sessions very insightful and she is wonderful at asking the right questions, guiding the conversation, drawing conclusions and helping me to understand more about myself. During the sessions I have many ‘light bulb’ moments and Jo also provides reasons behind things that my awareness of helps in other situations too. I finish the sessions with things to go away and think about or do which is really helpful. Jo understands me well through knowing my values and is a very kind person too. She is a wonderful coach and is very skilled – this is what she was meant to do!


Nicola, HR Business Partner 

Jo has helped me discover my values as a person through the coaching sessions that we have had. It made me realise why I feel passionate about certain things and also what’s most important to me. This has made me think about making time for myself, being true to what I want and not what I expect or should compromise on.


Manjit, HR Advisor 

Jo’s style of coaching has been perfect for me, it is gentle at the right times, encouraging, joyful, but also unafraid to ask the right questions to steer a conversation to the crux. This style of coaching has meant that in each session I am always surprised to learn a great deal about myself. Once I understand a new element we can reflect and Jo will create a task around it so there is further exploration. I have learned to keep on moving when I’m feeling low, I have acquired tools that can help me visualise encouragement in my everyday and I have made real changes in my life that make me happier and more me. There is something about Jo that immediately lets me relax. I love that she speaks with an unwavering interest and energy, and I just know I can rely on her.